Developing an efficient and sustainable biomass supply chain in 5 European Nature Parks


European Union - Renewable Energy

Biomass Action Plan (2005)

Natura 2000 -

AEBIOM - European Biomass Association

CEN standards for Biomass



EUBIONET3 - Solutions for biomass fuel market barriers and raw material availability

AFO - Activating private forest owners to increase forest energy supply

SOLIDSTANDARDS - Enhancing the Implementation of Quality and Sustainability Standards and Certification Schemes for Solid Biofuels

BEN - Biomass energy register for sustainable site development for European Regions

MAKE-IT-BE - Decision Making and Implementation Tools for Delivery of Local & Regional Bio-Energy Chains

PROMOBIO - Promotion to regional bioenergy initiatives

AGRIFORENERGY2 - Promoting and securing the production of biomass from forestry and agriculture without harming the food production

WHS - Woodheat Solutions

BIOMASSTRADECENTRES - Supporting the organization of spot markets supply for wood chips and firewood