Developing an efficient and sustainable biomass supply chain in 5 European Nature Parks

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International Conference

BioEUParks partners organised an International mainstreaming Conference to share the results of the project, and contribute for the European debate on the sustainability of solid biomass exploitation. The Conference entitled “Solid Biomass in European Protected Areas: Sustainable Supply Chain Models” took place at the Committee of the Regions, Brussels, on the 3rd of March 2016.

The conference was hosted by Roby Biwer (member of the Committee of the Regions and rapporteur of Fitness check for Nature Directives) and had the participation of important keynote speakers coming from European organisations:

The conference was divided in two main panels, the first explored possible link between Nature Conservation and Biomass Exploitation and the second focused on the contribution of protected areas to the EU Energy policy.  Over 40 delegates joined the conference and contributed to the discussion. 

Download here the conference report and below you can download the respective presentations of each speaker.


Invited Keynote Speakers

Europe Programme , Mrs. Silvia Vivarelli, European Commission - EASME (Executive Agency for SMEs )

Mr. Petter Löffler, European Commission - DG Environment, Unit Agriculture, Forest and Soil


Project overview and results

Legambiente, Mr. Diego Mattioli

FNR (german Agency for Renewable Energy), Mr. Matthias Mossbauer


Partners' presentations

Panel 1 - Nature Conservation and Biomass Exploitation

Austria Nature conservation and landscape management as a sustainable source of biomassSölktäler Nature Park

Hungary From the alien species removal to the activation of a multimodal short-range supply chain Danube-Ipoly National Park


Panel 2 - The Contribution of Protected Areas to the Energy Policy

Greece Models of sustainable biomass supply chain in protected areasRodopi National Park

Italy Sila National Park as a driving force for the activation of sustainable local supply chain Sila National Park

Slovenia Facing pricing challenges through local stakeholders engagement Kozjansko Regional Park

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