Developing an efficient and sustainable biomass supply chain in 5 European Nature Parks

Developing a supply chain

The aim of the BIOEUPARKS project is to develop and propose a new approach to the promotion of new and renewable energies and their integration into the local environment and energy systems, as well as supporting the preparation of legislative measures.
More specifically, the project aims to contribute to increase the local supply of biomass from sustainability managed forests and from agricultural residues, promoting the most efficient use in heating and CHP installations.
But what are the steps to achieve this goal? 
What is the metholodgy for design and manage a biomass supply chain?
The experience developed during the project by 5 natural parks in Europe, will guide stakeholders at international level through the main steps in establishing a production chain, from the technicals requirements needed, to sustainability principles that must be taken into account, to the participatory process aimed at overcome social conflicts.