Developing an efficient and sustainable biomass supply chain in 5 European Nature Parks

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Social-Economic and Environmental Reponsible Models

"SOCIO-ECONOMIC AND ENVIRONMENTAL RESPONSIBLE MODELS FOR SUSTAINABLE BIOMASS EXPLOITATION IN EUROPEAN PROTECTED AREAS" is the final Report of the BioEUParks Project: a journey to the main challenges and objectives of the Project implementation, and the solutions found by each Park. 

The report presents a brief analysis to each pilot case and the models for short range and small-scale supply chains activated in Sila National Park (IT), Rodopi National Park (GR), Kojzanski Regional Park (SL), Danube Ipoly National Park (HU) and Solktaler National Park (Austria).

A new approach to bioenergy policy is needed, if we want a more efficient energy production, reducing the impacts on biodiversity and European ecosystems. Therefore, the report shares important considerations about the present bioenergy policy and suggests greener measures to reduce the impact of biomass exploitation. Simultaneously, the BioEUParks project showcased a win-win situation between park authorities and the community, with socio-economic benefits being delivered to locals. Developing small-scale chains of thermal energy coming from sustainably managed and local forest, has the potential to boost circular-economy and provide better opportunities for nature, people and parks. 

Download the document here:


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