Developing an efficient and sustainable biomass supply chain in 5 European Nature Parks

BioEUParks is a Project applied under IEE Altener Programme, addressing the 2012 proposed priority ‘Solid biomass’. The Project is going to contribute to increase the local supply of biomass from sustainably managed forests and agricultural residues, aiming to develop an efficient and sustainable biomass supply chain in 5 European Nature Parks, and promoting short chains and small-scale installations.
This can be realised due to an approach promoting sharing of objectives and co-planning with local key actors. For this reason, the project aims also to develop a methodology of encounter, discussion, sharing and co-planning for overcome the social conflicts that can born in occasion of significant structural interventions.
Furthermore the project is going to mainstream the experience done and improve the skills of Nature Park managers, engineers and technicians on the matters dealt with the project.


Press releases

European Parks showcased models for sustainable biomass exploitation


On the 3rd of March, representatives from European Institutions, Protected Areas and representatives from NGOs, discussed models for wood biomass supply chains in European Parks and its contribution for local development. The Conference “Solid Biomass in European Protected Areas”, held in the Committee of the Regions (Brussels), highlighted the results of the BioEUParks project, proving that there are sustainable alternatives for local exploitation and consumption of solid biomass. 

To address the European Union strive for renewable energies predicted in Horizon 2020, five Protected areas developed...

Bioeuparks events

Roma, 25 febbraio 2016                                                                                 Comunicato stampa

Si è svolto lo scorso 24 febbraio a Verona, nell’ambito della Fiera Progetto Fuoco, il penultimo incontro previsto da BioEUParks, il progetto coordinato da Legambiente che ha l’obiettivo di sviluppare una catena breve di approvvigionamento di biomassa che sarà utilizzata come fonte per piccoli impianti di cogenerazione presenti nel territorio di 5 parchi europei.

L’incontro ha avuto come obiettivo quello di presentare una proposta di misure legali, frutto delle best practices acquisite durante il progetto, utili a migliorare l’attuale sistema normativo in tema di sostenibilità delle filiere di biomasse.
Grazie alla partecipazione del...

Project updates

BiOEUParks slovenian partners - Slovenian Forestry Institute (SFI) and Kozjanski Regional Park (KRP) - organised on 1st December 2015 a national workshop to discuss the potential of wood biomass exploitation in Slovenia and the creation of local supply chains. 

27 participants, mainly decision makers at a governmental level, came from the Institute of Nature Protection, regional development agency, local authorities and nature parks authorities. 

After an overall introduction of the BioEUParks' objectives, representatives from KRP shared their experience and barriers on establishing a local wood biomass supply chain. Special attention was given to the different participatory...