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Bioeuparks | Developing an efficient and sustainable biomass supply chain in 5 European Nature Parks
Developing an efficient and sustainable biomass supply chain in 5 European Nature Parks

BioEUParks is a Project applied under IEE Altener Programme, addressing the 2012 proposed priority ‘Solid biomass’. The Project is going to contribute to increase the local supply of biomass from sustainably managed forests and agricultural residues, aiming to develop an efficient and sustainable biomass supply chain in 5 European Nature Parks, and promoting short chains and small-scale installations.

Here you can download the BioEUParks final report: Socio-Economic and Environmental Responsible Models for Sustainable Biomass Exploitation in European Protected Areas. The report emphasises the different approaches and methodologies implemented in each Park and the results achieved, and is a useful tool for Protected Area managers 

The development of small-scale supply chains can be realised due to an approach sharing objectives and co-planning with local key actors. For this reason, the project aims also to develop a methodology of encounter, discussion, sharing and co-planning for overcome the social conflicts that can born in occasion of significant structural interventions. Furthermore the project mainstreamed the experience done and improved the skills of Nature Park managers, engineers and technicians on the matters dealt with the project.



BioEUParks project has been selected as one of the four success stories which will be showcased during the "Bioenergy in the EU: Converting policies into impacts" which will be held in Brussels in 6 October. This is the final event  to present the results of the impact assessment performed in the tender "Review of bioenergy projects implemented under IEE II", which started in May 2015 and will end in November 2016. The scope of the tender is to assess the impact and achievement of the 47 bioenergy project supported under the European programme Intelligent Energy Europe in its second phase.
The event will foresee two Panel discussions involving representatives from DG Agriculture and Rural Development, DG Energy, DG Environment, DG Internal Market, Industry, Entrepreneurship and...

Bioeuparks events

14 June 2016

Solktaler Nature Park presented the results of the BioEUParksproject at the Conference "Bioenergy and environmental protection“, held today in Vienna.  The conference was promoted by the Austrian Biomass Association with the aim of illustrating the impacts of biomass use on the environment. The meeting was an opportunity to refer about the concrete actions carried out in 5 european natural parks thanks to the project and to higlilght the environmental and social sustainability principles that BioEUParks partners implemented during the set up of the supply chains.


Project updates

BioEUParks project borns to answer to a crucial question: how to match nature and biodiversity conservation with sustainable exploitation of woody biomass for energy purpose? This implies to change the perspective when looking at the bioenergy policy: putting the respect of nature and the preservation of ecosystem and biodiversity as the starting point. At the same time, this choice implies a new way to see the Parks’ role, not only a body in charge of managing natural and protected areas, but also a key actor in trigger new way of local development matching nature conservation and social and economic growth. So how the project proposes to the parks to...